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I am an earth scientist. Understanding earth is essential for the well-being of our global society. Earth is fascinating, science is fascinating and a better understanding of both can help society forward. This blog attempts to make a contribution to raising awareness of these issues.

Sine-Saloum Delta, Senegal. A tiny exploration.

I recently spent a few days in the Sine-Saloum delta in Senegal.  You have likely never heard of this delta and that’s not surprising. It’s small and not very well researched. As a delta sedimentologist, I was mesmerized by the … Continue reading

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Our First Full Year under Solar Power

The quiet revolution on our roof started a year ago and we’re loving it. So here’s everything you have always wanted to know about installing solar power (in Nova Scotia). Location location We live at 45N on the right side … Continue reading

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My Brilliant Career: a woman geoscientist looks back (posted on #IWD2017)

Last November, I gave a talk to the brand new Dalhousie University Chapter of the Association of Women Geoscientists. When I asked the women what they were looking for in a talk, they weren’t very specific other than that they … Continue reading

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New Banner picture! Cobequid-Chedabucto Fault at Cape Chignecto, Nova Scotia

Figure 1. The western extremity of the Cobequid Chedabucto Fault complex in Nova Scotia. The Cape in the distance is called Cape Chignecto It is a glorious view from the beach at Advocate Harbour. We look West towards Cape Chignecto. The … Continue reading

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Exxon, climate change and sequence stratigraphy

My favourite periodical is the New York Review of Books. It is a high-brow magazine that contains in-depth articles by outstanding writers and thinkers on a range of topics from fundamental physics to poetry and everything in between. And excellent … Continue reading

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#Katrina10. #Louisiana is still disappearing

Originally posted on EARTH SCIENCE SOCIETY:
I wrote this blog post in November of 2014. I am reblogging it today, on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Land loss map of South Louisiana. Image source here. Click on image to…

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Why I haven’t blogged for a long time: medical science and society in #Canada

Four months since my last post and only one person has wondered why I haven’t blogged in such a long time. Apparently I am not much missed, something that shouldn’t surprise anyone in this digital world of fleeting contacts. But … Continue reading

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