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I am an earth scientist. Understanding earth is essential for the well-being of our global society. Earth is fascinating, science is fascinating and a better understanding of both can help society forward. This blog attempts to make a contribution to raising awareness of these issues.

Rise to the challenge: #$5millionforscience

Two weeks ago the Canadian government announced the creation of a Federal office for Religious Freedom. It will cost Canadian tax payers $5 million per year. Many Canadians, including myself, do not believe this is a good money destination. Many … Continue reading

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Barrier Island Erosion / Sea Level Rise / Transgressive Anthropogenic Sequences /

Thanks to Twitter, I was made aware of a recent US report, entitled “Coastal impact, Adaptation and Vulnerabilities”. A summary of the report is here: What caught my attention on that page was the ‘before and after Hurricane Sandy’ … Continue reading

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Wrong Question: can fracking be done safely?

August 2021 A lot has changed in 8 years. My position on hydraulic fracturing has changed too. I could delete this post, but I’m not going to do that. A lot has changed: the climate crisis has deepened and the … Continue reading

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What is a natural disaster?

I recently watched a very informative webinar by Munich Re. It was their annual webinar on the world’s natural disasters, for 2012 that is. All Munich Re’s webinars are here. I highly recommend dedicating an hour of your time to watch some … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Carney

That must have been a lovely stay, a “short week” (I’m quoting the Globe and Mail) with your family near the small village of Cheverie on the shores of our beautiful Minas Basin. As a proud constituent of Mr. Brison, … Continue reading

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The tidal landscape banner photo: Minas Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada

UPDATED December 29, 2014 This was my blog’s banner photo until January 1, 2015. What are you looking at? In a world of Google Earth where everyone has a GPS in their cell phone, I should start with the coordinates. … Continue reading

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Rachel Carson – as relevant today as she was 50 years ago

There is a new biography of Rachel Carson, the author of “Silent Spring”, which was published 50 years ago this year. The biography is by William Souder and is entitled “On a Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel … Continue reading

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A day to celebrate women in Science: Kiek Jelgersma

October 16 is Ada Lovelace day, a day to celebrate inspiring women in science. What a great opportunity to write about two women geoscientists who I admired and knew. First I will write about Dr. Saskia Jelgersma, better known as … Continue reading

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